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Our team

We guarantee excellent graphic solutions backed by our experience and innovation



Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service. To do so, our graphic communication executives offer advice on the production of your project, from paper selection, preparation of digital files, inks, color management and dummies, with the support of specialized staff in each area.

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Design and prepress department

The graphic design service is offered based on the client’s idea.
We staff nine graphic designers, working both MAC and PC platforms. All designers have extensive experience in topics such as color management and digitalizing files with the highest quality.



30 printing units, speed up to 16,000 sheets/hour, high resolution line printing, hybrid screen, in-line varnish application, CIP4 interfacing, UV ink printing.

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Digital printing

Digital printing is an excellent choice for short print runs. The advantages include low prices, speed, and offset-quality bright colors.
Another application is variable data, for example to customize direct mail letters.


Finishing Department

Our finishing department is characterized by having a wide range of services. It has a wide variety of equipment to perform the different finishing options.

All finishing services are carried out in the same plant.

The equipment is kept in excellent condition with periodic maintenance.
Automated digital cutters, folding machines with CIP4 system, collators, staplers, laminating machines, laminating machines, folding machines, die cutters, hotmelt machines and more.

El equipo: El equipo
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