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Authorization Agreement

Dear customer.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before validating the PDF or physical color proof (as applicable) for printing:


Texts, photographs and vectors. Please VERIFY that the shape, position and color of each of these elements in your design in this PDF are correct. CHECK texts for defects such as replacing special characters (accents), text flow and spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes are not our responsibility.

The actual quality of each element of your design may not be accurately displayed in this PDF or physical digital color proof (as the case may be).


Color. Given that digital color testing is produced on equipment other than offset presses and the application of coatings applied over printing such as varnishes or laminates, reasonable color variations may occur between the physical color test and the final product, so the digital color test has only the function to serve as a GUIDE.

Only a press test will represent 100% color similarity to your final product and show the actual quality of the elements that make up your design. For more information on press footer tests, details on proper file preparation and click on file changes, see the appendix of your estimate.


Cut instructions AVOID cutting over important elements of your design. Cuts will be indicated by thin black lines at the four angles of each page or by a continuous red line when the project involves die cutting. Folding marks shall be indicated by segmented red lines.


 Tips to Follow

  • Have more than one person check over your proof.

  • If possible, print out a copy of your artwork true to actual size. Viewing on a screen can be very misleading at times.

  • Pay special attention to Appearances. This includes but is not limited to: spelling, prices, dates, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, websites, punctuation, colors, resolution, text alignment, typos, and to elements missing or masked by layers.

  • This proof supersedes all other written and/or verbal instructions. Please check all information carefully. We will not run this job without final proof approval, nor will we accept any changes or last minute corrections once the file has been approved and prepared for print. Please check your proofs! The printing world moves very quickly.


 By signing the label or authorizing the printing via email (whichever the case) you authorize us that the content of the digital color proof or PDF (as applicable) will be produced on our presses, and you confirm that you accept the notifications and tolerances included herein. The terms of this agreement apply to all digital color proofs that make up the project, or if applicable to all pages of the PDF that make up your project.

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